Friday, October 22, 2004

Look! I'mma not a liberal!...

This is from me and me only, but whenever a liberal dons camo, carries a gun, and kills a fellow living being -- what we southerners normally refer to as "game" -- then it means he's in deep caca (that's a foreign word for "poopy").

This cracked me up. Here’s an Australian newspaper’s take on Kerry’s recent "hunting trip:"

Hunt for bloke vote
Melbourne Herald Sun - 1 hour ago
A CAMOUFLAGED John Kerry mounted a pre-dawn shotgun attack on an unsuspecting goose yesterday in a bid to broaden his image among undecided voters as "a guy".

I dunno, maybe PITA joined them and they chanted a prayer to the, well, the notta-god of animals or something containing language about how the goose was a sacrifice for the greater cause of destroying all real hunters. "My dear lovely goose. My brother in feathers. Your death will serve, one day -- after we take all their gun you see -- in one day meaning no more of your kind will ever be shot from the skies again...."

Back on track....

The last democrat I remember doing photo ops of himself with a gun -- just before an election -- was Tom Foley, OR. He was the speaker of the house who was ousted in the republican upset of congress that took place in '94 (I think that's the year) after the Clinton election. In the days just before his loss -- the first Speaker of The House to be put out by his electorate since the Civil War -- he was filmed at the gun range shooting a (*gasp*) rifle.

So, I'm thinking this is a sign Kerry is in trouble. Sure, the race is tight, and some things I don't like about it, but so far, in all the polls, Kerry has really not topped Bush -- yet. But this thing is darn close.

It really doesn't matter to me if Bush can speak plainly or not. A good-enough conservative deaf/mute would be fine by me as long as he killed our enemies, cut taxes and feared God, but, still, for the love of mike, teach Bush how to talk -- it does, for some reason, matter to liberals that a candidate look/sound good ... hrm, I wonder if that explains their psyche a little.... Hehe, Cher actually came out a week or so ago and said the dems need to get the fatboys -- like Joe Lockhart -- off the team cuz his fatness would cost them votes....


"Please help me. Please help me," Hassan said, trembling. "This might be my last hours." The gaunt Hassan begged, shaking with fear and burying her face in a tissue. Margaret Hassan, the kidnapped director of CARE International in Iraq.

When will people learn? It doesn't matter how big your heart is for these people. They will still kill you. Nothing will stop them from hating us, wanting to kill us, and sometimes succeeding. Nothing except one thing: strength of might -- a show of force. Liberalism has never won a war for any nation. Peaceful protest has never succeeded in keeping an enemy from conquering you. Sure, the British left India, but only because they wanted to. They left other nations around that same time, but people hold up Ghandi's peaceful protests as the means by which it happened. I am not opposed to peaceful protest, and it has its place. But this is not the place, this is not the time, not when we're seeing stuff like this.

Yesterday, I discussed building your testimonies, and I meant that. However, when I was a kid I saw this bee drowning in my dog's water dish. My heart went out to it. "That poor bee. He's dying. I feel sorry for it. I want to help it." And, so, I reached in with my hand and scooped it out. Guess what, he promptly stung me. In pain and fear and impulse I squished it, and then I learned an important lesson that day: misdirected compassion can come back with an equal amount of harm. In our attempts to be compassionate, we have to use our grey matter. Don't feed an able-bodied man who can work. Don't hand an alcoholic homeless man cash, and don't pick up a just-released inmate and take him home to sleep in the same place with your wife and kids. Have the heart of a dove, sure, but have the wisdom of a snake....

I tell ya, what I'd like to hear is, "all CARE International workers are doubling their efforts in Iraq -- they are also now required to carry loaded M16s...." Now, see, that's love....

But, back to the point: this really pisses me off. On one hand, I feel for these people who care so much for humanity, but then I want to jack slap them for not getting it -- for not getting that their world view is screwed up, for not getting that a state is only a state as long as it has the military power to be a state, that the world is not inherently good. It is inherently evil (do you still need proof?). That although you are a big-hearted, peace-loving, wanna-help-your-fellow-man sorta person, that doesn't mean the people in the world you want to help feel the same way. They are confusing their desires (to give and to help others out of their plenty) with the desires of these blood-sucking bastards that capture innocent, western workers in their countries and then cut their heads off.

If you want to be a martyr for a useless cause, then by all means, head over seas -- to a country of your choosing wherein poverty is rampant, hatred of the west is replete, and the need is great -- and offer up your head on a stake. But for the love of Pete, don't act fucking surprised when the time comes to separate your cranium from its foundation. I'm sorry, I truly am, but you've asked for it....

And now for some Churchill quotes:

"When I warned them [the French Government] that Britain would fight on alone whatever they did, their generals told their Prime Minister and his divided Cabinet, "In three weeks England will have her neck wrung like a chicken." Some chicken! Some neck!" --Sir Winston Churchill

"In War: Resolution. In Defeat: Defiance. In Victory: Magnanimity. In Peace: Goodwill." --Sir Winston Churchill

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What Ya Think?

Where are you today in life? What year is it for you? What month? Count the months you've been here so far. How many more hours you got left? Minutes, seconds -- that's all we are in part. We are a bit of time, so many ounces of carbon-based life, so much protein and chemicals and minerals. Are you where you thought you'd be at this point? Plans derailed a bit back? What happens tomorrow?

The history of the world -- I'm not so sure about. Firstly, to believe everything "experts" tell us of the world is too much I think. They can't know everything. People get facts wrong about the living, the now, much less the past where those who witnessed are gone -- not to mention those things that occured that no one was even there TO witness, and all we got is evidence. Extrapolation is precise conjecture and conjecture is hog-wash. We really don't know what life's all about. Boy, I'm a ramblin' fool today!

My point is, just what is there is to this life? Who, or what, are you really serving? What's your motive, your take, your angle, your goal? Self? Is it all about self? As Tyler Durden tells us, "self improvement is masturbation."

What really remains of our time here? I believe it's what we do for others. Nothing else really matters. At the end of life we either die or we end up dying in a place where others take care of us. What an end.

Titles and testimonies -- those are the two things we really build in life. "Dr. Soinso..." or "Attorney Suchansuch" or how 'bout "I have a Masters in..." and so forth. Those are titles. They serve to serve you here. They impress others. They get you a good job -- maybe. They make YOU feel good about YOUR self, but at the end ... on the day you're buried and the folks go back to the church and eat 'tato salad ... what do those "titles" serve you then? What will people really be saying about you? How many tears will be shed for you? Maybe your family will cry -- that's a given, but how many people will show up that you've really made a difference in their lives? And, heck, maybe some of your family won't even cry -- or be there!

Testimonies though ... you can't get 'em in school or college or the university. There's no corporate title that attributes testimonies. Testimonies are the things people say "about" you -- the stories of how YOU made a difference in their life. Not being consumed with yourself, not looking out for #1, but giving of your time and energy to others -- that builds testimonies. At the end of it all, if you've given to others, then at your funeral maybe people won't be in such a big hurry to eat potato salad. Maybe people won't be thinking of getting out of that suit, of how much weight edna's put on, maybe, instead, they'll want to tell the tales of you, your life, the difference you made, how they owe it all to you. Maybe their children will even remember you at their parent's funerals and recite the same stories, the same testimonies.

Testimonies make you live here beyond your life. Your titles are buried with you. Your testimonies carry your name for generations....

Friday, October 08, 2004


Or "What Women Want...."

Everything is more fun naked except cooking with grease.

Yes, cooking naked is bayad, mmmkay? But it's nice attire with a woman, that is, if she wants you in that state....

Women don't know what they want, and you can't find out by asking them. Oh, sure, they'll tell ya what they want, but that's not what they want.

What do women want? I'll tell ya: a rich guy -- flat, plain, simple. Now, this might also mean a jerk. Why? Cuz rich guys are typically jerks and/or, jerks make it up the ladder more than non-jerks. Pushy businessmen, lawyers, etc. -- they get places. Jerkdom also displays testosterone. Read about what effects testosterone has on a guy and it basically describes the typical, jerk, high-achiever-type, and that's why women chase these ... well, these jerks, but that's not what they'll tell you. When you ask them what they want they'll say, "I want a nice guy." Bullpoopeyshooshy! They do not, and if you are a nice guy and/or if you treat them the way a nice guy would treat a girl they'll dump you.

Remember, a real man doesn't need a woman to be complete. As a matter of fact, he might just let one tag along for the heck of it, but if she leaves -- big deal. A real man is grappling with his world, conquering it, making money, climbing the ladder, going places and a woman is nothing but a footnote to that. Boy, what a jerk I am for saying that eh? But, see, that's what they ("they" being women) want. I'm only explaining it to you. If I thought fawning over women, being nice to them, catering to them, telling them how beautiful and wonderful they are -- if I thought that's what they really wanted then that's what I'd tell you, but they don't.

Remember, always be a jerk -- except to your mother. Be good to your mother....

Perhaps George Santayana describes, best, the thought processes of a woman:
"Sanity is madness put to good uses"


Friday, October 01, 2004

Der Debate

Or is it, Le Debate? I watched just about all of it except for the first 15 minutes. Kerry looked taller, more poised, polished, prepared, articulate. Bush was laid-back, simpler, firm and jovial. As one column I read put it, "Bush looked like a guy you'd want to have a beer with." Kerry looked like the lawyer you'd want representing you in court.

I want to stop here talking about who won and who didn't and discuss something that just about drives me stark, raving, mad. The look and sound of a leader is not what makes a leader. It reminds me of the scripture, "you got a nice suit on, you be our leader...." It's like that Peter Seller's movie, "Being There." He looked and sounded good, so he was on his way to the presidency at the end. Emanuel Kant was hunched over and deformed, but his philosophy changed modern thought since his day -- he is the Plato of his millennia. Steven Hawkins would never win a muscle contest or make GQ mag, but anyone into astronomy will hone-in on his words and transcripts. General Patton was said to have a high-pitched, screeching voice that was annoying, yet he's heralded as one of America's greatest generals. Do you buy a car because the salesman looked and sounded good? If you do then you probably pay too much for most things. The same goes for who should be president, and it makes me nuts when people talk about Kerry "filling more screen" than Bush or that Bush, "seemed more jovial and laid-back" (and stating Bush looks like a monkey or Kerry looks like Lurch ... I thought I was out of 3rd grade?). One thing and one thing only should be the basis of your vote: what a politician does. If you agree with what they have done -- the decisions they have made and carried out -- then vote for that guy. Kerry has one of the greatest records of diminishing the American military. If you vote for him thinking he'll be a good wartime general -- because, hey, after all, he spoke better! -- then you are deceived. Bush cut taxes and therefore will not support big government programs. If you think voting for him will get more money for your grandmother, then you are deceived -- but, hey, he looks fun to be with!...

Politics is not difficult for me. I look at what a candidate has done -- how they performed in the last political job they had -- and if I agree with that I vote that way. If their words back up what they've done before and after, then that's icing.

Don't vote because you hate the other guy -- that's not a reason. Vote because you have gray matter in your skull, and you've actually used it....