Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Reality Philosophy in John

"A person making things up tries to make himself look good. But someone trying to honor the one who sent him sticks to the facts and doesn't tamper with reality." -- Jesus Christ, The Gospel of John, 7:18 MSG.

Dunkin Donuts never gets robbed....

Automobile makers, government and cops -- I can tell you one they won't do: they won't ever do anything to keep you from getting a speeding ticket. I.e., wtf does my car go faster than any legal speed limit in any state of the union? Do they imagine a time when I need to go that fast? If so, where are the laws that would allow for speeding? Why do cops never hide waiting for speeders going uphill?

Insurance companies, cities, states, local governments are running a racket with speeding tickets, and I can promise you this will never change no matter what technological advances there are. They're always going to allow drivers to break it and they're always going to profit from it....

It should be simple to put governors on cars that would prevent them from going over 70 MPH -- the fastest speed limit in the U.S. (yes, yes, if you do not live in the U.S. spare me the whining -- I know laws are different else where, but, like, I don't live else where, capice?).

Ok, ok, yes, I recently got a speeding ticket....

I liked especially how he hands me a $91 ticket and then says, "slow down sir." Um, ya, I was just thinking that when I got the sticker shock of the ticket. Is it really necessary to tell me to slow down after this experience ociffer? To me, that's piling on. I'm gonna start caring an umpires, yellow-weighted flag and when such things are said I'm gonna toss it out the window, and blow a whistle and then say, "unnecessary roughness -- piling on at the end of the play by officer 267 -- first down!" Yea, that should go over well.


(Mumble) ...rookie!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Money Pit

Yes, yes, it's been 10 generations of Jacob since I posted last....

I bought a house last week. Ya, I did that. It goes something like this: "sign here, and here, and here, and this one, and right here ... k, and here, this says the house is really ours but we let you live there as long as you give us money for a great portion of your life -- lots of money. K, sign here, and here, initial that one -- no, no -- your initials. Alright, sign here and there. This one says we own your first child. Not married? K, we own your nuts then...."

So, I'm looking at a house payment for a looong time, but oh well. My own digs....

I bought brass numbers for my mailbox (cuz, like, it was waaay to easy to just get plastic, stick-on ones....), and fought with how to attach them to it. They came with little 1 penny, brass nails. After trying to bang them in ... in the dark with a flashlight -- in a lot of wind -- I finally took the mailbox off and brought it in the house. Luckily, I had tools. I thought of drilling holes, but that made no sense. The mailbox is plastic. Finally, it dawned on hulk to use stove eye to heat nails and melt them in therefore securing the nail, but hulk's head hurt and hulk smashed mailbox and house instead. Seriously though, the stove eye idea worked out great and now I have these really fancy brass numbers on my mailbox.... I got some bigger ones to put on the house proper.